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Morcos Nassar Palace was built between 1899 and 1910 by the famous and first architect in Palestine “Morcus Nassar” who studied in Paris. He built it as a residence for the Nassar family.

After 1948, many families left the country and immigrated to the USA, Latin America and Europe as well. Morcus Nassar’s three sons lived there for about five decades before selling it and immigrated to the USA with their families.

The new owners of the Mansion sold it to others and it kept being sold from one family to the other until L’Arche Bethlehem bought it in 2013 to be used for Ma’an lil-Hayat project for people with intellectual disabilities.

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    Ma’an lil-Hayat Boutique Hotel

     is a project of Ma’an Lil-Hayat/ L’Arche Bethlehem community that was founded in August 2009. Ma’an Lil-Hayat brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities who share life through structured creative activities, celebrations, and mutual relationships of friendship and trust.

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